A variety of recent and historical stories -- famous and obscure, serious and comical, personal and public -- and the questions each one raises about all of us.
Beyond Bars
Cesar Nation
Kramer's Battle
Japan's Gift to the World
Inter-Breed Partnerships
Celtic Connections
Owner to Breeder, Part 1
Owner to Breeder, Part 2
Owner to Breeder, Part 3
Responsible Dog Ownership Day
AKC Educators
Different Doggy Daycare
Siberian Husky Training Secrets
Labrador Retrievers: Caring for a Rugged Dog
Dachshunds: Socializing a Rugged Little Dog
North Carolina Breeders Symposium
Microchipping: Safety Net for Pets
Communicating About Animal “Rights” vs Animal “Welfare”
Canine Federations: Gathering Ideas and Creativity